Vaping Save me From Smoking Addiction

Smoking has been my hobby for so many years. It was so bad that I could consume one in just half a day. It was so severe that I can help myself from smoking. I could even smoke in public places which is by the way prohibited in most places.

I could consider myself a smoking addict. I could smoke in our house, my office and literally everywhere I feel to. I have this urge of smoke whenever I want, wherever I want.

I knew in myself that I need to stop or at least minimize my smoking. Until a friend recommended to do vaping. I was not sold on the idea first; I was skeptic and did not do vaping right away.

Then one day, an acquaintance told me that I was smelling like a cigarette butt already. I did not believe him right away until I ask my daughter what I smell like and it was confirm that I really smell like so. I was baffled cause I can’t smell myself like that.

That was the triggered for me, I don’t want to smell like that. My cough also was not healing. I feel like I always have it.

Now I was really determined to go vaping. I first went online to see what I can learn. I came a across a site that has vaporizer reviews and comparisons. The site was very helpful, and it helped me pick my first vaporizer.

I love my vaporizer it helped me cut my smoking more than half right away. I love how it is non smelly and it is good to the throat. I was even searching for puffco peak vaporizer sale online because I love vaping now.

To cut the story short vaping was a great help in minimizing my smoking. In fact it helped me to turn away from smoking for good.