Happy Couple Also Needs Counseling

We are a very happy couple; we like to travel a lot. We have been so many places unlike any other couples. We always explore new places and we don’t want to be following a crowd. When we are on a trip, we make sure that we take the untraveled path. We stumbled onto many things and many adventures doing it this way.

I remember when we are on a mountain trail trip one time and we did not follow the crowd. We went on our separate way. I know it was so dangerous, but it was worth it. We found a spot near a spring which was so romantic, we sat down and we got carried away with how the beautiful the place is, that we kiss so passionately and we a little bit kinky. Anyways what I want to emphasize is that we are so sync that we can do things without planning but still we get to enjoy it.

So many travels together passed, and we are so happy that I thought the relationship we have will not encounter any problem. Then one day, I noticed something different about her. She seems something is bothering her, and her smile are so forced that I can’t see here normal radiance of her face.

I asked her about what she feels and if she is alright, she only said yes and move on. I thought it was nothing and did not force the issue. Until the day came that she can’t deny that she has something that we need to talk about.

Till she finally broke out the news to me. She said she was delayed, and she is afraid that she might be pregnant. I was shocked to my core about the revelation and I knew we got a situation.

I said to her that we were not ready, and I am afraid that we need to consult a counselor about our problem. She obliged right away because this situation we have is unique and we don’t have the experience to fix this.

We browsed the internet and found a great counselor in our place Tulsa. We check the site out for counseling therapy, and we booked an appointment right away.

The counselor was so accommodating that we did not hesitate to open our situation to him. He helped us manage and get through the situation and eased our troubles and worries.

And in the future if my partner will give birth, I will enroll her to mmt. It is a mommy makeover program that can make her achieve or bring back her body to pre-motherhood stage.